Limb for a limb.

I am naked in your courtyard
naked, but for my stump
everything shivers, but for the stump
it is bulilt of carbon
i am built of carbon, but i am impure
water has seeped into the cracks

i am opaque
the cold sunlight slips right through the stumps
and, illuminates everything inside
blood, marrow,varicose veins
blue, mineral, protein,carbohydrate,hormones
ligament, wood, steel velvet
but not a heart
instead there is an elaborate cut glass
reflecting its own light.

you do not buy it
you who have dealt in spices all your life
and, your neighbor’s a butcher
you say i am too far fetched
you think i am too stooped
it is just my hunchback, i carry it around
cut it in half and look inside
All my limbs are yours, Kahira
and your supple reluctance is mine.


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