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living on maybes

so the end is already written
and the beginning already dreamed of
i can’t quite decide
whether to be a thousand page masterpiece
or a two hundred one
stuck in the middle, i am living on maybes
maybe the pain will do it, or laughter will
maybe if i disappear, like the dust storms do
and leave you flummoxed and parched and angry
maybe that will do it
maybe you will kill me
or maybe, you will accept your defeat and move on
ha! back to chapter two
counter plot.
in the pictures
forced laughters
a call for attention
a clamor for religion
in reverence to the mundane.
all alone on the floor
watched by grimacing photographs
and closed closets.
maybe the ceiling will fall, or the fan will come unstuck
maybe there will be an earthquake
i will live, and all who laugh will die
maybe, one day
i will be unknown, unrecognized, unrelated
everyone i know and love will be dead
and i would rewrite the opening riffs.
or else
i can go out with a bang, right now
spread my spread on the carpet bread
about six foot long, swansong.
or maybe,
i can wait
and keep filling up the notes in between
sharpening the blunt, boring tune
and i will write a solo, one day.
on the radio
half baked songs
a call for attention
a clamor for religion
in reverence to the idiot
living on maybes.