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what people want? , peace and love.

a bentley
a bag of weed
a bag of weed in a bentley
a blonde and a bag of weed in a bentley
peace and love.

clash of clan gems
counter strike cheat codes
candy crush lives
iphone and ps4 to monitor heart rate
a blonde and a bag of weed in a bentley to top it all
peace and love.

ronaldo’s ballon d’or. ¬†messi’s ballon d’or.
women ruling the earth.
women ruling the earth but still not playing football.
still messi’s ballon d’or. ¬†ronaldo’s ballon d’or?
a balance between the yin and yang hanging delicately on chi (wtf)
a blonde and bag of weed in a bentley to drive ’em all to nearest sports bar
peace and love.

azaadi, freedom, liberty (not necessarily in that order)
eradication of poverty
socialism? everyone looking equally shitty
the bride should be tall fair and pretty, employed in an mnc.
tv, fridge, ac, male child, sanskar, vegeterian, dollar, canada(:P), lalbatti, class, swag, aqeedat, pink floyd,gurugram
a tolerant freedom of speech to express what pleases everyone even the dead
a blonde and bag of weed in a bentley in pursuit of happiness
peace and love.

good muslims, bad muslims(for presidential campaign)
no muslims (ummrikka is great again)
nobel peace prize, oscar award for white male in an arabic role
liberty, equality and fraternity; three small town girls dancing on a pole
Mark Zuckerberg’s one billion dollars ( sorry, free basics!)
non bankrupt europe, this time once again for Africa, all the cocaine from South America, democratic republic of china
we already have our opinions(prjudices)
so just give us a fucking blonde and a bag of weed in a bentley
and some peace and love.